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Raising an Amazing daughter as a Single Father

All we know, girls are shy. They need special attention. Girls are closer to their moms. Now the scenario is, being a single father, you have to raise your daughter. In a particular case, the father should be over-friendly. He should notice each activity of her daughter. What I have pointed out is just a few of them. Just have a look:

1. Be involved in her life

It’s really important for you to participate in your daughter’s life as she certainly wants someone to do so. Don’t enforce your decisions on her instead of helping her make her decisions. Your regular involvement will definitely convert your thought of raising an amazing daughter into reality. She will be open to you and clearly mention her daily routine. So that you will easily come to know about lots of affairs about her life. If there will be any guidance required you can guide her as well.

2 Notice each Activity

Being a father you should notice each activity of your daughter. This will help you to guide your daughter. By this way, you will come to know more about your daughter. It will surely make a good bond between you and your daughter.

3. Be protected not possessive

Being over-protective towards your daughter will force her to become insurgent and dependent and neither of them is a positive result. Guide your daughter to convert thing positively. This will help in her future life also. She will be ready to accept the challenges of life. If she will be connected to you she will discuss all stuff of her life to you. So! Be ready.

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4. Be sensitive

Your daughter will only share her secrets with you if you are kind and sensitive to her. Try to spend as much time as you can with her in order to form a strong bond. Raising an Amazing daughter as a Single Father is not an easy job. This sensitivity attribute plays a vital role.

5. Encourage your, daughter, for Self Defense

Being a single father, it is your responsibility to strengthen your daughter by all means. Things become tough now. A girl should know how to protect herself. Your daughter should be strong physically, mentally emotionally and finally spiritually as well. Making your daughter strong by all sense, you will be mentally free.

Above mentioned five points will surely help you to grow as a father with your daughter. By this way, you can share a good bonding with your daughter. Bonding actually matters for both of you.

6. Be Friendly with her friend circle

Raising an Amazing daughter as a Single Father is not as easy as it seems to be. You must be involved in your daughter’s friend circle. So that you will be known as the trendy and cool father. You will come to know all about her friend circle. That will certainly help you in creating a healthy surrounding for your daughter.

DOs and DON'Ts

To help all the single parents reading this article we have made a list of rules in the form of “dos and dont’s” which will surely help you live a better life.


Being a single father, You will face a lot of people who will try to disrespect you in each and every turn of life. Don’t feel offended by such people and just focus on yourself and your family.

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2. Form a Supporting network.
It is essential that you form a trustworthy network which can look after your child in your absence. Become friends’ with others and being a single father and share your problems with them as they will understand your situation and offer you useful advice.


Hiding your emotions 

Hiding your Emotions can be harmful to you as it can cause anxiety and depression. So make sure that you share your feelings with your child as it can help him/her to understand you better.

2.Make your child feel lonely.
Please make sure that you are spending a lot of time with your child. We know that initially it can get pretty, tough but it is really important for you and your children.Being a single father,you are suppose t double supposed or with your kid.


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