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Sex after Normal and C section Delivery

Changes in sexuality after childbirth are usual, but some women deliberate them and many have queries regarding when they should have sex. Why they feel sex differently after childbirth, related sex positions, precautions to be taken, etc. After delivery. There are several issues and confusion. New moms have to face regarding having sex after the childbirth.

This article will help new moms to know about how long to stay away from having sex after delivery. Precautions to be taken in case of C-section delivery, best sex positions for C-section delivery and how having sex will affect your stitches. The present article gives a major insight into this.

How long parents should stay away from lovemaking:

Parents should wait for lovemaking or having sex until any bleeding after h has clogged, which should be by around three weeks after your baby’s birth. This is for the reason that the wound remaining in the uterus (womb) of mother by the placenta impending out is yet healing. If you perform sex before the bleeding has stopped, you may suffer from an infection.

sex after delivery

If you both feel comfortable and ready to have sex before your postnatal check at around six weeks later the birth, you can proceed ahead if you wish to.

You can begin having intercourse after the mother has cured delivery– typically four to six weeks after the childbirth.

If the mother has stitches, either from a c-section, a perineal tear or an episiotomy – it’s probable that your caregiver will recommend you to wait till after your six-week post-delivery visit.

Precautions to be taken after C section delivery:

For the women who have undergone C-section delivery must consider the followinggngngging precautions for having sex:

  • The area nearby your incision site may be painful, so it will be caring to try sexual positions that do not impose any pressure on your belly.
  • Make sure to discuss with your partner, take your time completely, involve in some non-sexual foreplay, such as massage, to aid you to relax, and use lubrication to get on-going with sexual activity with your partner.fore play
  • There are chances of pain while sex for C section delivery, so ask your partner to stay still until the pain diminishes. Once the pain ends, you
    will be capable to relish sex again.
  • During the recovery process, you should consider oral sex over intercourse. It is not only comfortable but also safer.foreplay
  • Ask your partner to be carefulnot to blow air into your vagina as it can enter the bloodstream, and this can be dangerous.
  • Usually, no sexual activity must occur until the uterus is returned back to its pre-pregnancy size. This aids to decrease discomfort and the occurrence of infections.

Best Sex position for c section delivery:

For the women who have undergone C-section delivery must consider some best sex positions to try.

  • Certain best sex positions to try might be spooning or side by side.spooning
  • Spooning is not merely intimate; it’s also a great position to try when you’re getting better from a C-section.
  • In this position, your partner lays after you and you can elevate one leg in the air accordingly your partner can enter you, providing you sufficiently of g-spot stimulation and lefts hands-free for clitoral stimulus.
  • Hence there is no pressure on your stomach or scar, and you do not have to use those core muscles which might create pain during C section delivery.
  • You and your partner might select a sex position that evades direct contact with the incision scar.
  • Another best sex position would be to place alongside one another if probable. In this, you lay on your back; your partner lies on his side facing you to avoid any pain in your vagina, scar or abdomen.

How sex going to affect your wife stitches:

If you’re thinking to enjoy sex after delivery with your wife, you must consider that her stitches remain free from pain or any negative side effects of sex. Doing sex within a weeks after delivery will increase pressure on the stitched area of your wife,  so you must remember to do sex slowly and gently with your wife without injuring the stitches during sex.

A vaginal laceration, rectal tear, or episiotomy that needs stitches may require three weeks or longer healing, based on the extent of the injury. Doing sex carelessly with your wife can disrupt the curing of the stitches and perhaps cause a rupture that needs an additional surgical procedure.

sex after child birthNew moms after delivery should stay away from having sex for at least three-four weeks after delivery. In the case of C section delivery, special precautions listed above need to be considered. Some sex positions like spooning or side by side are best suited for C section delivery. While having sex after delivery, utmost care needs to be taken that the stitches of the wife do not get pain, harm or any negative side effect of sex.


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