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Raising healthy and successful children should be a goal of every parent despite the stiff challenge posed by economic difficulties or busy schedule. Establishing healthy habits at an early age can leads towards a successful life. It could be a win-win situation for parents and kids as well.

Try these 10 tips for raising healthier children

 1# Providing health

hy food And Drink

The first step to raising a healthy child is proper nutrition. Providing good nutrition must be a high priority on your list. If your kid is craving for fast food is a staple in your house, make plans to buy foods that are healthy and convenient. You have can cook fast food at your house as well. Keep them well hydrated by giving them 2 litres of water at least. Gradually the quantity can be increased.

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2#Physical Activity

Exercise for 60 minutes of physical activity a day protects them from obesity, diabetes and a host of chronic diseases later. That could be anything, playing outdoor games or a normal exercise routine.

3# Healthy Habits

Teach healthy habits to your child. You should encourage your kids to develop skills. Motor Skills makes safe and healthy choices in his /her day to day activities. These include brushing teeth and washing the hands after visiting the lavatory or before eating food.

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4# Keeping Healthy Mental States

Breathing exercise keeps your child active and helps kids and teens be active. You should try to keep them engage at least 10-15 minutes each day. It strengthens heart rates, improves metabolism. Minimum 5 to 10 minute of meditation helps your kid a lot in improving the concentration power.

5# Strengthen Muscles And Bones

Playing games like soccer, bouncing a balloon in the air, blowing bubbles so your child can chase them. Going for a walk or strolling out together is also a good option. Stretching is a very good option. Makes you feel relax.

6# Motivating Kids in Different Ways

Parents support their children’s physical activities in a different way. You should value and support their dreams/goals also. Sign up your child for sports, help him/her get to practice and cheer them up at games.

7# Replace Tv with Parents Quality time

Replace TV time with your quality time. Watching TV can swallow many hours of your child. Pay attention to how much time you and your child can spend time together. Keeping Television in a public area or by setting a daily or weekly TV time limit Makes fun.

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8# Developing Good habits

Planting a garden and eat what you harvest. Go to the market to buy Seeds and small plants. Plant them. By developing plantation habit you will get good energy and vibration from the plants. Eating your own cultivated vegetables will give you immense pleasure.

9# Music Mantra

Your kids can you do well with the help of music. Music is another way of meditation. It can improve the concentration power of your kid. This will lead your kid towards the creation of good habits and save him/her from adopting any bad habits.

10# Establishing Good Moral Values

To resist the negative influence, children need to know about values. So that we can create a responsible, principled, well-mannered adults. Proper guidance is very much required. By presenting the clear picture kids can understand; what is wrong and right. Basics knowledge about moral values should be clear.

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