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My top ten moment of year 2017-Serena williams


Year 2017 was amazing for Serena William.She materialised all her dreams  into reality.As far as her personal life concerns ,Serena Quotes it “My top ten moment of year 2017-Serena williams “,she blessed with a prince Reddit founder  Alex .In the words of Serena “He’s my rock my backbone my love. I am so lucky to have found this wonderful man that treats me better than a queen.”

Here are few images which plays vital role in serena’s life.Have a Look

1)” This is where he proposed to me all the way in Rome. At the exact same table we met.”Serena Quotes

serena william proposal table
This is where he proposed to me all the way in Rome. At the exact same table we met.

2)See, How Alexis is enjoying my immaturity and I am giving him to enjoy this immaturity .This is what our bonding,which is so tight.

serena william and Alexis

3) I said “Yes” for engagement .I was in seventh heaven –Serena William 

serena william

4) Serena william and Alexis.Look at the flame of love,in which we are burning.This is the first trip as a couple.And the little I know about me that I was 4 month pregnant .

serena first couple trip
Our first trip as a engaged couple

5) And the forth one is when we were getting ready  for  @versace_official finest for the Met gala.How cute we both are looking .Wow ! just amazing.

serena william and Alexis
serena william and Alexis getting ready for a versace official met gala

6) And Here we go! We are ready and in for versace official met Gala.See the Power Couple.

varsac official met gala
serena william and Alexis at varsac official met gala

7) And the next one is our Baby Moon Serena is looking like mermaid in the green gown.Being a pregnant woman ,notice the glow.

serena william baby moo
serena william baby moon

8) In this pic ,Alexis has been given the permission to kiss the bride.Now serena has handed over herself completely.See the bride kissing pose.

bride kiss
alex kissing Serena william

Here is a pic where serena quotes ” Alexis first introduced me his wife .And serena is falling in love with this pic again and again.

Serena and Alexis
Alexis first introduce me as his wife 😍😍

10) And Finally last but not the least  King and Queen at last.See the royal pic of great tennis star and and Social media influencer Reddit founder Alexis.

serena william marriage pic
serena william marriage pic.Feels like king and queen

I love you Alexis you make me excited to wake up every morning knowing I’ll get to see you.This was all about my top ten moment of year 2017.



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