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What’s Wrong With W-Sitting-Posture?


W-sitting on a regular basis is not recommended for anyone. Many typically developing children do move through this position during play. But all parents should be aware that the excessive use of this position during the growing years can lead to future orthopedic problems.

Why children like W-sitting Posture? 

Every child needs to play and children who are challenged motorically like to play as much as anybody. They don’t want to worry about focusing their balance when they are playing with their toy. Children who are frequent W-sitters often rely on this position for the added trunk and hip stability to allow easier toy manipulation and play.

w sitting posture

When in the W-position, a child is planted in place or “fixed” through the trunk. This allows for play with toys in front but does not permit trunk rotation and lateral weight shifts (twisting and turning to reach toys on either side). Trunk rotation and weight shifts over one side allow a child to maintain balance. while running outside or playing on the playground and are necessary for crossing the midline while writing and doing table top activities.

w sitting position

It is our area of curiosity  easy to see why this position appeals to so many children, but continued reliance on W-sitting can prevent a child from developing more mature movement patterns necessary for higher-level skills.

Who should not be w-sit posture?  

For many children, W-sitting should always be discouraged. This position is not good for the development of the baby and could be detrimental if one of the following reasons are there:

whats wrong with w sitting

  1. There are orthopedic reasons. W-sitting can lead a child towards hip dislocation. if there is a history of hip dyspepsia this position should be avoided.
  2. There could be muscle tightness, W-sitting will elevate it. This position places the hamstrings, hip, The other concern is neurological concerns related to developmental delays.
  3. If a child has increased muscle tone, W-sitting patterns of movement should be avoided. You can take the help of a child therapist.
  4. If your baby is sitting in W posture, he/she will find it difficult in developing a hand preference. Because the child can not go for trunk rotation in W-sitting posture. A child is less inclined to reach across the body and instead picks up objects on the right with the right hand, and those placed to the left with the left hand.
  5. So, Try to avoid W sitting Posture for the baby. If you often found your baby in W sitting Posture. Change the baby’s posture immediately. Once in a while is okay but this posture must be avoided on a frequent basis.

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