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Why teens are getting more depressed these days

Anxiety, stress, and depression are the ingredients that force a person to take a devastating step in their life such as suicidal attempts by a teenager. Depression is a mental health issue which is increasingly gripping the young adults extensively.

Approx. 10 million cases of depression are reported every year in India. Everyone should be very aware & informed about the mental issues so that it could get detected in the early stages and you may seek medical advice.

Experts say that adolescents and teens are facing more pressure at home and school both, also they worry about the financial issues in their family and they get used to alcohol and drugs. Here in our blog, we will help you understand how to deal with suicidal thoughts in a teenager.

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Factors Due to Which Teens are More at Risk for Depression

  • Female teens are prone to develop twice the depression as compared to men.
  • Abused & neglected teens are more at risk of anxiety & depression.
  • Family having a history of depression or mental illness may cause children to experience depression.
  • Children who experience trauma or disruptions at home, divorce, or death of parents.
  • Untreated mental or substance-abuse problems.
  • Chronic illness or other physical conditions.
  • These are the factors that may cause anxiety, stress or depression in your child.

There are some questions to ask a suicidal teenager that a parent must be aware of such as have you wished

  • You were dead
  • Don’t wake up the next morning
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Warning signs of depression in teen

  •   Loneliness and Sadness
  •   Substances Abuse
  • Sudden change in behaviour
  • Lack of desire in sports, hobbies, watching movies etc.

What Are The Risk of Suicide?

The threat of suicide from anyone should be taken seriously. If you know someone who is in immediate danger then let their family members know about it. You must counsel with a psychiatrist if your child is having suicidal thoughts.

It is necessary to help those who are struggling to deal with anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, gender identity issue, etc. There are many helpline numbers available where you can call to discuss what you are feeling and how to cure this mental illness.


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