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Effective Ways to Lift Saggy Breasts Without Surgery

What is Breast Sagging

A woman’s breasts reduce in size, volume, and position on her chest throughout her life. woman’s breasts start to lose fatty tissue resulting in a reduction of size and fullness and change in shape known as“Breast Sagging” .

Breasts are composed of fat cells, milk ducts, milk glands, and Cooper’s ligaments,” “As women age, milk glands in the breasts are replaced with fat tissue [that has] less support

Dictionary definition of sagging is “hanging down”.   We think of sagging as being drooping or sinking from weight or from pressure as compared to the ‘norm’.

Causes of Breast Sagging

Sagging or drooping of breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point.Sagging happens with the process called breast involution, but breasts can start drooping a little at any age, because they do NOT have muscles in them,having ligaments and connective tissue.

Common cause for sagging is when a woman loses weight in a drastic way,going to affect badly .Take your time and reduce your weight .Do not listen what people are talking about you.

It depends upon the elasticity of skin and of your ligaments, as determined by your genes and diet, and also on normal aging processes. Obviously large breasts will sag easier since the gravity is pulling them down more. When breasts bounce during active sports, such as badminton, those ligaments can also be stretched or even torn. A good sports bra can reduce the bad effect, and is recommendable.

causes of breast sagging

Does pregnancy affects Breast shape and size?

During pregnancy, the ovaries and the placenta produce estrogen and progesterone. These hormones stimulate the 15 to 20 lobes of the milk-secreting glands in the breasts to develop. Women who gone through multiple pregnancies repeatedly stretch the skin while lactating. As a woman’s breasts changes in size during repeated pregnancies, the size of her breasts change as her mammary glands are engorged with milk and as she gains and loses weight with each pregnancy. In addition, when milk production stops and  mammary glands diminish in volume, but they still add bulk and firmness to the breast. These changes in the mammary glands ground for further to sagging.

Go For Breastfeeding –Do Not Hesitate

In Rinker’s study, 55% of respondents reported an adverse change in breast shape after pregnancy. Women mistakenly understands that changes in their shape is just because of  breastfeeding,and as a result some are reluctant to feed their infants. Research shows that breastfeeding is not the factor as many thinks about it . Rinker concluded that “Expectant mothers should be reassured that breastfeeding does not appear to have an adverse effect upon breast appearance.”[ Also discounted as causes affecting ptosis(sagging) are weight gain during pregnancy and lack of participation in regular upper body exercise. Many believe that breastfeeding can cause sagging, but this is FALSE according to a 2008 study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal which concluded that breastfeeding isn’t a risk factor for ptosis (a fancy name for drooping)

How to Avoid Breast Sagging

No one can stop Breast Sagging.It is an on going process,which is commonaly known as  biological process.What we can do ,just to make the process slow of sagging .For that you have to focus on few to –do –list combinations like,(mention below )you can prevent the sagging from happening early. Keep the skin on your breasts smooth, supple, and young looking with simple care techniques:

  • Breast Message
  • Physical exercise (upper Body)
  • Breast Packs
  • Healthy Eating Pattern
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Avoid smoking

Above mentioned techniques explained below for your guidance:


Regular breasts Massage at least 2-3 times per week or do it daily if possible with coconut ,olive or desired oil to help in  firmness and increases  the elasticity of your  skin and improves the texture Massage improves blood circulation of the skin, increases the  blood flow, while stimulating muscle growth, and repairs  saggy breast.


  • Plant Oils: Breast Messaging  with vegetable oils i.e. coconut, olive ,Tea tree oil or grape seed oil is also beneficial for toning the breast skin and tissues. Excellent examples include almond oil and grape seed oil, combine both oil which firm and nourish the breast skin. For good  results, you can mix two drops of any essential oil along  with the vegetable oils and rub on your breasts.
  • Essential Oils: Fennel seed oil, spearmint oil, carrot oil, lemongrass oil and cypress oil contain skin cell rejuvenation properties that help restore the suppleness and elasticity of saggy skin. Just massage your breasts with these oils regular  basis throughout the day anytime which suits you  to tone the breast skin . Be forewarned that these oils could burn the skin and so need to be applied in small quantities. Two drops would be more than enough for the purpose.

Physical Exercise

Keep your body fit and wow by exercising.  you look and feel amazing by controlling your weight and giving you a perfect  waist to help emphasize the sexiness  of your breasts.

Aerobic exercise like jogging, walking, or swimming will help keep your waist balanced. Try to do 160 minutes of moderate exercise or 85 minutes of  exercise per week or divided it according to your comfort.

exercise and zumba

  • Exercise with musicAerobic exercise will also release endorphins which will relax you, lift your mood, and make you feel better about yourself.

Dancing is awesome exercise,go for bollywood or Hollywood ,whatever dance style you like,go ahead with that .Try Zumba this works as a great calorie burner.

  • Hard Core Exerciseweight lifting.  Breasts  do not have any muscles in them, toning the underlying muscles might still help them resist the pull of gravity.Weight training   twice a week is advisable.
  • Strengthen your pectoral, shoulder, and triceps muscles with chest presses. Lie on your back on the floor with a weight in each hand. Your elbows should be touching the floor with your forearms straight up in the air. Push the weights.
  • Physical ExerciseStraight up until your arms are extended. Lower back to the starting position. Repeat.
  • Build your biceps with biceps curls. Stand straight , hold a weight in your hand with your palm facing up. Bend your elbow and bring the weight towards your shoulder. Bring it down and repeat.
  • Push-ups is an awesome exercise ,which I personally do to maintain my breast firmness .which also strengthen the muscles in my  arms, chest and back. Lie on your stomach on the floor with your palms on the floor next to your shoulders. Prop yourself up on your toes. Extend your arms and lift your body off the floor, keeping your back straight and your abs pulled in to protect your spine. Your arms should be fully extended. Gently let yourself down and repeat. If you cannot do a pushup from your toes, start by bending your knees when you go up, rather than keeping your legs straight. Do not  force yourself too much .It takes time to manage .Keep doing ,starting from 5 to 50.Gradually you can increase your stamina and push ups numbers as well.

Vitamin E Oil and Egg Breast Mask

Like other masks, there is also a mask for the firmness of the breast Sphare. You can use the breast mask at least once in a week for desired result as it varies person to person .Vitamin E oil and Egg Mask make a paste of followings :

  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Tea spoon Yoghurt
  • 1 tea spoon Vitamin E oil


How to apply Breast Mask

Mix well and apply this paste all over your breast and rub it in a good way .leave for half an hour ,then rinse it off with cold water.

Healthy Eating Pattern

What you eat reflects your body.

  • protein diet Protein Diet: Keep your skin Healthy by eating proper protein Diet .Protein is used to heal, repair the damage to the skin, connective tissues, and muscles which help your breasts resist gravity.The average adult should eat two to three portions of a protein-rich food per day. This can be meat, milk, fish, eggs, soy, beans, legumes, or nuts.Meats and low fat dairy products are good because they won’t simultaneously increase your fat intake.
  • Carbohydrate DietCarbohydrate Diet: Gaining energy to exercise regularly by eating complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and provide you with energy for a longer period of time than simple sugars do.Excellent sources of complex carbohydrates are peas, lentils, corn, green peas, parsnips, , peanuts, potatoes whole-grain breads and beans.Carbohydrates should make up approximately half of the calories you consume each day.
  • Low Sugar Diet: Simple sugars should be avoided and are found in A strict NO –No to Cola ,candies, pastries, cake, soda, cookies, and table sugar.

Keep your eye open for SUGAR AND SALT. Both are the main culprit.

  • Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.This will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your breast tissues young and healthy looking.
  • options for getting your servings of fruits include berries, , papaya, bananas, and more. Vegetables include broccoli, beets, cucumber, apples, grapes, cherries carrots, celery, lettuce, potatoes spinach and cauliflower .

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water is very good way of hydrating your skin .Flush out your all the contaminated stuff or toxin from your body and speed up your metabolism rate .Your food is going to consume in very speedy way .So that  you can relish your desired food.

Your skin feels smooth ,supple and moisturized.


Do not Smoke

Smoking contains Nicotine,Tar, constricts the blood vessels in your skin causing it to get less oxygen and nutrients. cigarettes harm the collagen and elastin in your skin causes wrinkling and sagging .You can loose the elasticity of your skin.

  • As your breasts skin loses elasticity, at very young age your breasts will be sag.
  • If you already smoke,lots of ways to quitting it like friends and family support and  nicotine replacement therapy etc.


Finally Choice is yours !

Whether you want saggy breast or attention seeking breast for your partner. Hard work always pays off.Go ladies !Plastic surgery or breast implant is not a good option .Always go for natural ways.

Note:Pregnant women please do not try above mentioned exercises.  


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