sex after child birth
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Frequently Asked Question-Sex After Child birth


1# Sex after delivery is safe ?

Yes ,after delivery sex is safe,but should be maintained the gap of safe period that is around four to six weeks.

2# How many days after delivery Should I stay away from sex ?

You should stay away from sex until any bleeding after the birth has clogged, which should be by around three weeks after your baby’s birth.

3# Is that sex going to harm me after delivery?

No ,not at all.Please take few precautions and enjoy sex.

4#What to do in case of c-section delivery?

If you have stitches, either from a c-section, a perineal tear or an episiotomy – it’s probable that your caregiver will recommend you to wait till after your six-week post-delivery visit.


5#What precaution should I take while sex after delivery?

The area nearby your incision site may be painful, so it will be caring to try sexual positions that do not impose any pressure on your belly. Ask your partner to be careful not to blow air into your vagina as it can enter the bloodstream, and this can be dangerous.

6# Which position is the best position?

The best sex positions to try might be spooning or side by side. your partner lays after you and you can elevate one leg in the air accordingly your partner can enter you, providing you sufficiently of g-spot stimulation and lefts hands free for clitoral stimulus. No pressure on your stomach or scar.

7# Till what extent Doctor consultation is required?

In case of C-section you need doctor consultation after every two alternate month.Just for the confirmation that everything is going on in proper way.

8# Should I seek for my partner assistance?

Yes for sure. There are chances of pain while sex for C section delivery, so ask your partner to stay still until the pain diminishes. Once the pain ends, you will be capable to relish sex again


9# Is there any alternate for sex or non-sexual engagement?

Yeah, You can involve in some non-sexual foreplay, such as massage, to aid you relax, and use lubrication to get on-going with sexual activity with your partner. These activities having ultimate feeling. You can go for oral sex over intercourse. It is not only comfortable, but also safer.


10# Is there any side effect of having sex after c section delivery or normal delivery?

Doing sex carelessly can disrupt the curing of the stitches and perhaps cause a rupture that needs additional surgical procedure.Precaution is  required.



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