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Postpartum Pregnancy Depression


What is Post postpartum pregnancy Depression

Surely pregnancy is beautiful phase of a woman’s life.Pregnant women who are in depression during pregnancy are at greater risk of developing depression later on.To be happy during your pregnancy phase is very much important.This can lead you towards post delivery happiness.When your bundle of joy will be in your arms.There are various reasons which are responsible for postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety.

Postpartum Pregnancy Depression

Symptoms of Depression-how does it feels 

  • You will always be in a sense of feeling , like something akward and shocking  is going to happen.
  • You are  having trouble sleeping. You are exhausted, but not feeling sleepy.
  • You lost all your interest in reading books,loss of appetite ,loss of sleep etc.
  • Your are no more party animal.No more social activities are in your life
  • You are no more interested in group activities.You want to spend your time alone.
  • You feel like a captive animal, bound to forth in a cage.
  • You know something is wrong. You may not know you are suffering from anxiety disorder perinatal mood .The thing you know is the  way I am feeling is NOT right.
  • You are afraid that you will lost your body shape .You will look ugly .And you will never come back in your previous body shape.
  • Your husband will move ahead and it might be possible of having extra-maternal affair as I am not able to fulfill his sex desire.
  • Will my vegina will lost it’s shape?
  • My  baby will be taken away by others.
  • My baby may be stolen in hospital or can exchanged.



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