Pregnancy super food


There is nothing more important than right nutrition during pregnancy. This is not surprising considering that the growth and development of your baby depends on what you eat.

During your pregnancy you will need to replenish with additional calories without significantly increasing the quantity of food that you consume.

This is best achieved by adding some super foods to your pregnancy diet chart:

# 1 Dried Apricot


A handful of nuts can give you ten per cent of your daily calorie requirement. Thus all that you will need to do is to snack on dried apricots to top up your iron requirement.
There is more to this super food than just iron considering that it can also replenish your folic acid, magnesium, and potassium and calcium requirement too!

# 2 Breads and Potatoes

Bread super food


Potato super food






Carbohydrates are a rich source of energy and eaten in the right quantity they can work wonders.
Thus nutritionists are of the opinion that you can consume four to six portions of Bread and potatoes to replenish your energy reserves without over eating.

# 3 The Cereal Balance

Mixed grains
A bowl of whole wheat cereals fortified with folic acid and vitamins are the preferred option for quick topping up of calories and energy without overfilling your system.
It is indeed impressive that a bowl of whole wheat cereals can provide 100 mcg of folic acid.

# 4 Bananas for Health

Pregnancy is usually associated with fluid retention and electrolyte imbalance. Eating a banana a day can provide plenty of potassium and can reverse fluid retention.
They are also a rich source of tryptophan which can result in sound sleep at night. The perfect snack if you are looking for an energy enhancing high starch snack.

# 5 Eggs

If you want a healthy baby then you will need to consume an egg a day during your pregnancy. Eggs are a phenomenally rich source of proteins and fats.They also contain plenty of folic acid which helps your baby develop without spinal anomalies. On the contrary healthy brain development of your baby is ably assisted by the presence of choline in eggs.
Thus it could well be concluded that the pick of options is to consume a balanced mix of super foods if you would like to keep the development of your baby healthy and free of birth defects.


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