Meditation benefits in Pregnancy

Meditation relieves from all your stress of life make you feel free from all your worries.Meditation must be effortless ,as you are not suppose to concentrate forcefully.Meditation is relation building process .It works like bridge between you and your almighty.Meditation is actually a mediator between you are and universe.It is a process.


Benefits of Meditation during pregnancy

The aim of meditation is to incorporate a sound balance or an equilibrium between your mind and body and soul.During pregnancy you can focus on baby and can connect  with utmost feeling.You can feel the rejoicement and deep connection with your baby.

Some of the chief kinds of meditations that are advised during pregnancy include:-

Mantra meditation

  • Chant the mantra you faith a lot .Repeat the mantra chanting as long as you find it easy going.This chanting will fill you up with thought of spirituality ,calmness and feeling of completeness.

mantra meditaion

 Vipasana meditation

  • Vipassana, means seeing things as they really are .This technique is one of most ancient meditation techniques of India.Gutama Buddha and re-discovred it.The Vipassana movement, in which mindfulness of breathing and of thoughts, feelings and actions are being used to find out insight into the true nature of reality. Vipasana meditation,

walking meditation

observe the back foot as it makes contact with the ground, heel first; feel the weight shift onto that foot as the body moves forward. Speed. You can walk at any speed, but in Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, walking meditation is slow and steady preocess and gradually  taking small steps.While walking our focus point is walking .We become mindful of our experience while walking, and try to keep our awareness.

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walking meditation

 concept meditation

  • Meditation is the practice of achieving, and balancing, the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of one’s existence.Concept meditation is like we are working with particular concept i.e. you want to focus on earth ,water certain planet .You can design your concept.Every month of pregnancy is associated with certain planet .You can focus on every alternate planet.Today, meditation is used to reduce, or eliminate, the symptoms associated with depression, stress, and anxiety.Meditation is a simple process to become aware of our actions. To bring more and more attention in our actions and thoughts .
  •  concept meditation

 Bhramari-Udgeeth meditation

Udgeeth Pranayama meditation  chanting of AUM (OM) with every exhalation … Ancient Indian saints were illustrious to follow Bhramari pranayama and Udgeeth Pranayama for upto … It is the Excellent breathing exercises for meditation.

Bhramari-Udgeeth meditation

Bhramari Pranayama – Humming Bee Breathing: This is one of the best … Helps in reducing blood pressure; Helps calm the mind in preparation for meditation.


Pregnancy is a step ahead of menstruation when it comes to mood swings; Morning Sickness ;deep belly meditation, positive thoughts and visualizing everything beautiful about nature would help a great deal.

Meditation in its sole nature is getting spiritual,feeling effortless comfort, which is further passed on to the fetus still breeding within its mother’s womb.This is the reason you should go for regular meditation would embed these qualities in your baby.

pregnancy meditation

When you are meditating, you are concentrating what you want. You are focusing on universe and compelling it to bless you with all you need.Thus here you are building a relation between you and universe ,and simultaneously you are benefiting your baby.

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Meditate daily ,it will immence you the complete pleasure of calmness in you and the fetus who is floating with your whim.


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