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Depression During Pregnancy:Symptoms And Treatment

Depression During Pregnancy: Symptoms And Treatment

Depression during pregnancy is nowadays very normal. As per World Health Organization Internet , the world, 30 Crore people are suffering from Depression. When A mother suffering from depression this is not a good sign. If a mother will suffer definitely her baby will also suffer. There are possible triggers of depression during pregnancy are follows:


Treatment for depression during pregnancy

Depression During Pregnancy, Symptoms And Treatment is designed for you.  If you feel you may be struggling with depression, the most important step is to seek help. Talking and proper discussion can clear all your doubts and symptoms and struggles.  Your health consultant will always guide you.  Every problem has a solution. If there are thee problem and then there is a various solution also. Few of them are:

Family consultation 

Depression During Pregnancy can be treated with the help of Family consultation.  It is always should be the first thing to get rid of any problem. Thinking about rejections and feeling like you are going to be treated as ridiculous has no worth.  Never think what people are saying or thinking about you. Think about you, your health including mental and your baby.  These three points must be the focal point of your life.Discussions explores something new to you. Until you are clearing it nobody can help you.

afamily support in depression

Please come forward and discuss your problem to family and with your better half. He will always support you. With his love and care, you will surpass this depression word.

Health care provider consultation

During pregnancy, your health care provider can lead yours towards proper nutrition and good health for you and your baby. Your health consultant can guide you for a good clinical process for your depression. Depression During Pregnancy must be treated with the help of a health care provider.

depressed talking with psychologist

Psychologist assistance

Psychotherapy is also called talk therapy.  By talking you can peep into the recovery process for Most of the people like it. Research has shown that a combination of medication and therapy is often the most effective strategy for people with depression.

Psychotherapy can easily detect the signs of depression and can teach you ways to cope with potentially harmful thought.

Group Support

Depression support groups such as that sponsor are gathered toward meeting the needs of those with depression. Such groups are there for the creation of such a place where all members can share their views and seek stance.


This comparably feels the healing process. After joining a depression support group, you may realize that the best experts on depression are often those who live with it daily.  Doctors and members are there for depression assistance.


The aim of meditation is to incorporate a sound balance or equilibrium between your mind, body and soul. During pregnancy, you get depressed due to various reason you can focus on the baby and can connect with the utmost feeling. You can feel the rejoice, mental, Heeling and asana will help you to maintain a deep connection with your baby.


Light Excercise 

Pre and work out for moms reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy, complications during delivery and a speedy recovery post-delivery.  You will feel happy.during exercise your body releases happy hormone. You will not feel anymore distressed. It affirmatively helps to reduce the weight post-delivery, and also maintains your weight all along.


PrecautionsAlright, pay attention! Your exercises ought to be lite; not as lite as a feather though. Avoid sports that demand physical contact and/or those involving high strain. Make sure you aren’t stationary when working out; this ensures a normalized blood pressure all throughout.

 Light therapy

Light therapy is a way to treat depression. Medical language is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by exposure to artificial light. This kind of depression occurs at a certain time each year, usually in the fall or winter. During light therapy, you sit or work near a device called a light therapy box.

light therapy

The combination of bright light therapy and an antidepressant is highly effective in the treatment of major depression. Prozac and Paxil are widely used to treat depression, bright light therapy is very reasonable in term of light.

How Depression during pregnancy going to affect your baby?

  1. untreated or unattended depression can have potential risks to the baby as well as the mother. Unattended depression can lead to various complication in your pregnancy life-like
  2. Loss of appetite can lead to poor nutrition. which can then cause premature birth, low birth weight, and developmental problems.
  3. Depressed women often do not have the strength or desire to adequately care for herself or her developing baby.
  4. If you smoke, or if you are exposed to second-hand smoke, you are more likely to have a very small baby and could have serious health issues. Your baby may have problems during labour and delivery. Your baby may also have health problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or sudden infant death syndrome.
  5. Depressed mother gives birth to less active babies, show less attention and be more agitated than babies born to moms who are not depressed.


If you do not feel comfortable talking with your health care provider about your feelings of depression, find someone else to talk with. It is important that someone knows what you are dealing with and can try to help you. Never try to face depression alone. Your baby needs you to seek help and get treatment.


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