Does Sex Harm The Baby During The Pregnancy

Most of the parents worry about this during the phase of pregnancy which is quiet important. Sex during pregnancy is the complete last thing on minds of few women, particularly when they are dealing with vomiting, nausea, and irresistible exhaustion. Other women, though, may desire sex during pregnancy.  Sex during pregnancy period is usually safe except there is an essential medical problem with the pregnancy. Though one needs to comprehend that during gestation, a lady’s sex drive can differ greatly.

Sex isn’t known to induce preterm labor in pregnant women; however women with high risk pregnancies and a history of premature labor are advised to restrict sexual activities.

sex during pregnancy?

How you can assure that baby is unharmed while sex during pregnancy?

Your growing baby is secure by the amniotic fluid in the uterus, as well as the tough muscles of the uterus itself. Sexual activity would not shake your baby.

You contemplate that your orgasm might activate miscarriage or process of early labor. Except you doctor suggests that you are at great risk for a miscarriage or early labor, or you have an explicit placenta problem, there is no cause to avoid the big O. Though it is correct that orgasms do let your uterus to contract, occasionally quite strongly and for as long as half an hour, even if the sex climax is chiefly intense these contractions are not harmful  and threatening— they are not a sign of labor neither are they prove to be the sign of any harm to the growing baby.

About sex position impact on baby during pregnancy:

You may need to experiment to discover the positions that are relaxing for your growing baby. Discovering the best comfortable position for sex turns more of a challenge as your abdomen develops.

The missionary position (i.e. man on top) becomes gradually problematic as your pregnancy advances and is closely impossible late in pregnancy. If you practice this position after the period of first trimester, block a pillow under you so you are slanted and not flat on your back side, and can completely assure that there is no weight on your baby from your partner. Thus by this it can be safe for baby.

Doggy style is sex position which is comfortably suited for the baby without causing any harm as the women is neither on top nor in weird position that can possibly suggest any risk to inside baby.

sex position impact on baby during pregnancy

Suggestion as per study and experts:

Studies have recommended that in a normal, fit pregnancy, there is no correspondence between having sex and cause of the premature birth. Research has also proved that women who regularly perform sex during period of pregnancy may be less likely to give birth prematurely or birth to weak baby. Having orgasm during sex may be connected to a lesser likelihood of giving birth early.

Having Sex During Pregnancy May Be Risky If:

  • Your doctor has counselled against it for any reason.
  • You have inexplicable bleeding and a history of labor or premature birth.
  • You face a placenta previa, a condition where a part of the placenta shields the cervix.
  • Your water has wrecked.
  • You are presently suffering bleeding.
  • You are passing through your last trimester, carrying multiples.


Benefits of having sex during pregnancy to baby:

A simpler labor and recoveryHaving an orgasm upsurges the contractions in your pelvic bottom, which aid to support the muscles you will require for labor and after delivery. This will ease the growth and movement of baby inside.

Improves sleep: The swaying motion of a sex time frequently lulls baby to sleep.

Increases happinessOrgasm discharges endorphins — which make baby happier and calmer.

Less bathroom breaksThis will decrease the coming pressure to baby and allows it to have free motion.

 DOs and DON'Ts


  • Anything drives during the initial trimester, so go ahead – scissor, get gymnastic, play with sex toys, or discover the entire kama sutra.
  • If you are weary, the missionary position is a lovely thing – simply lie back and relish the ride without having any harm on baby
  • Spooning can also be a pronounced lazy-day choice. Do spooning, or side entry, which includes no weight on your abdomen and thinner penetration.
  • Do sex position having woman on top, where the male is in control.


  • When you are 20 weeks lengthways, stay away from positions that have you staying flat on your back side, like the missionary position.
  • It’s completely fine to give and take during any trimester period, but your partner should avoid blowing or else force air into your vagina part, as in very infrequent cases it could lead a dangerous embolism (situation when a burst of air chunks a blood vessel).
  • It is advised to avoid sex if your waters have wrecked (break of membranes) as this can raise the risk of contamination. Avoid asking the layman and make sure from your midwife or doctor.


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