hospital labor ready checklist
Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Question-Hospital Labor Ready Checklist

#1 What toiletries should I carry in my hospital labor ready carry bag?

lip balm, hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, deodorant, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, contact lens case and solution, but, only in the travel-sized pack.

#2 Before how many days or weeks should I start packing for hospital for labor ready?

You should pack your bag at least 3 weeks prior to the due date is recommended, as you never know how soon it’s coming.

#3 What dress Should I carry if I am labor ready ?

Pack Soft cotton nighties that open from the front. These nighties will not only help you feed your baby but will also be easy to wear.

#4 What kind of carry bag should I have ?

Carry a bag that has got several compartments. This will help you arrange things in a systematic manner.Try to carry a medium sized bag.

#5 What electronics item should I carry in my hospital labor ready bag?

You must have a cell phone with charger.A Camera with fresh batteries to capture precious moment.

6# Should I carry something for my personal sphere time ?

Yes, of course you should carry a book for reading or an I-pod for lighten up your mood with music.

#7 Am I missing something in my hospital labor ready bag ?

Yes,You should carry nursing and maternity bras with no underwire support.Few panties and well observant pads.

#8 What should I carry for my baby ?

Baby dresses,baby pillow,good number of cotton nappies,anti nappy rash cream,baby socks,small medium and large sized towels etc.

#9 How much money should I carry ?

Please check from the hospital for the charges.keep your balance ready plastic money with you.Always carry few changes like coins for vending machines to have few sips of tea and coffee.


#10 Ops! Left something to carry in my hospital labor ready bag ?

Yeah,A pair of slipper and 2 to 3 pair of socks.Pack it immediately.

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