Many moms are looking for the perfect pregnancy diet. One that will benefit them sense great feed their baby to turn it into healthy baby, and possibly aid them to gain balanced weight.The diet chart benefits to exactly figure out the type of foods along with its intake quantity required to be consumed for mumma and beneficial for healthy baby as well.

Eating well-balanced meals is important at all times, but it is even more essential when you are pregnant. There are essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your developing baby.

Craving for Food

Pregnancy is such a beautiful phase of life.You are free to eat lots of eating stuff.No eating calculator works here.Relish your eating freedom

Contrary to popular belief pregnant women do not always crave for pickle and lemons. Scientifically validated studies in recent times have now confirmed that forty per cent (40%)of pregnant women crave for ‘something sweet’ while thirty three per cent(30%) are looking for salty snacks.

Thus it is more than evident that women will crave for a range of cuisines rather than being limited to pickles and spices.

Some of the most effected fixes for controlling that craving for unhealthy foods during pregnancy may well include the likes of:

# 1 Healthy Breakfast

Eat a wholesome and balanced breakfast every day and you will experience a lower craving for mid-morning snacks.


egg FOR FOODmilk






An orange, a well cooked egg and a glass of whole milk could well be considered a healthy breakfast and you will experience a significant drop in your craving for  that mid – morning snack.

# 2 Exercises help

If you exercise regularly, like taking an evening walk every day you will find that the craving for unhealthy food will drop.


Pre and Post workout
This could be attributed to the fact that you are distracted from food and it even helps you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

# 3 Substitutes

One of the most effective methods is to substitute unhealthy food.
To illustrate the case in point you may continue to eat ice creams, however opt for low fat and low sugar options rather than reaching out for regular ice – creams.

Concurrently you can even substitute your regular servings with smaller portion size per se and can increase the frequency of meals.
Thus you will control your craving for unhealthy food significantly.


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