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Pre and Post Work Out For Moms

Child birth is associated with fear and pain by most women from around the world today; despite its cultural and traditional outlook that allures it as the most divine element of human life, the blatant truth is that it can effect on the mother’s health quite significantly!

How do you resolve it? The right diet; certainly! However, recent researches are leaning more and more towards well-established pre and post work out layouts to tackle the loss of stamina and energy, especially during labor and delivery.


  • To begin with, if you’re among those trying hard to conceive, and/or have been fighting polycystic ovary syndrome or obesity, regular exercises can work a great deal!
  • During pregnancy, quite naturally indeed, you are bound to gain weight. When you stress your muscles marginally with regular exercises, you would find your weight hovering well within the healthy weight-gain range.


Benefits of it:

  • Pre and work out for moms reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy, complications during delivery and a speedy recovery post-delivery.
  • It affirmatively helps to reduce the weight post-delivery, and also maintains your weight all along.


  • “No! Do not lift weights! You’re killing the baby and yourself!”

Researchers have bashed this myth time and again; in fact, it is healthy to lift weights.

  • Moreover, your little one would speed up the process of developing his/her brain owing to the reasonable strain you put on your muscles.

Precautions to be used:

  • Alright, pay attention! Your exercises ought to be lite; not as lite as a feather though. Avoid sports that demand physical contact and/or those involving high strain.
  • Exercises when you’re expecting should strictly avoid the possibility of imbalances.
  • Make sure you aren’t stationary when working out; this ensures a normalized blood pressure all throughout.
  • Most important of all; never overdo it!

Pre and Post workout

“All natural birth has a purpose and a plan; who would think of tearing open the chrysalis as the butterfly is emerging? Who would break the shell to pull the chick out?” – Marie Mongon, Hypnobirthing”

Could be harmful, then why?

  • The pros beat the cons by a wider margin than anticipated!
  • On medical grounds, as aforementioned, regular exercises can help a great deal.
  • In fact, the transition from a bulky woman to sexy mom is the trendsetter in today’s date!


  • Pregnancy often incorporates pain in your lower back and dislocates the center of gravity of the body.
  • Effective prenatal yoga can cut down on the pain and strengthen your legs, back and abdominal; hence, preparing your entire body for delivery.



  • Pashimottanasana: The asan requires you to sit down on the floor, stretch your legs straight, and lean forward to hold your toes. This helps in stimulating and strengthening your ovaries.
  • Hastapadasana: Stand on your feet, and bend your body downward for your palm to stay grounded onto the floor. You pelvic region and nervous system benefits from the asan due to the improved blood flow.
  • Janu Shrisasana: Sit yourself at ease on the floor, and stretch your legs straight; fold your right leg along the ground till your calf meets your inner thigh. Now, stretch your arms straight to reach out for your toes, and positively hold yourself at the position until you feel a mild unease; let’s say, a minute or so! It helps in loosening hamstrings and taking down those constrictions in various parts of your back.
  • Viparita Karani: Lie down to your back, and lift your legs straight up onto a wall or a support. Essentially, hold the back of your head with your hands gripped to each other. The asana improves blood flow and relieves you off that nasty backache!


  • prenatal-meditationThe aim of meditation is to incorporate a sound balance or an equilibrium between your mind and body.
  • Some of the chief kinds of meditations that are advised during pregnancy include Mantra meditation, Vipasana meditation, walking meditation, concept meditation and Bhramari-Udgeeth meditation.
  • Pregnancy is a step ahead of menstruation when it comes to mood swings; deep belly meditation, positive thoughts and visualizing everything beautiful about nature would help a great deal.
  • Meditation in its sole essence builds confidence and compassion which is further passed on to the fetus still breeding within its mother’s womb; hence, regular meditation would embed these qualities in your baby.

Other work outs:

  • Regular walking, jogging and running would keep you seamlessly fit and sexy all along!

How to get a sound baby (physically, mentally, and emotionally):

  • Researches suggest that women that engage in regular exercises are less likely to deliver macrosomic babies thereby ensuring the safety of both the mother and the baby.

Duration of work out sessions:

  • On a clear note, never go beyond the point wherein your body starts tiring!
  • If you’re someone that needs the clock to keep yourself going; aim for a minimum of half an hour of stretching per day.

Good bonding between you and baby:

  • When you are physically and mentally fit, your emotions with your little one is uninhibited; just the way you would like it!

Work out for c section delivery:

  • Owing to regular workouts, your chances of gestational diabetes significantly reduces, and as well does an iota of stretching per day drastically admonish the possibility of unplanned cesarean sections.

DOs and DON'Ts

Do’s and don’ts:

  • Moderate exercising is an essential “do”.
  • Do stick with exercises that account for low impact.
  • Do drink plenty of water! Dehydration could result in being adverse for the baby’s health.
  • Don’t wear clothes that discomfort you; moreover, make sure that your ribs are not liable to constriction.
  • Once again, do not keep stretching and straining your body despite lightheadedness and dizziness.
  • Don’t create a space for overheating of your body; it directly affects the fetus!

Caution: Please consult your Doctor before starting any excercise.Results may vary

                  person to person .



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