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Second Trimester

As you step into the second trimester, symptoms like fatigue and heartburn begun to subside and you will begin to feel energetic and active.
This is arguably the best phase of your pregnancy so go ahead and enjoy it and conserve your energy for the next trimester.

Week 14

Week 14 is a great time for your baby considering that his face is now a kaleidoscope of emotions!
He can smile, frown, grimace, urinate and even suck his thumb. He gets fine ‘downy’ hair on his body and learns how to grasp his hands.
A great time for experiences as a potential mother!

Week 15

Your baby is really growing, as she is now four inches in length.
There is a free circulation of amniotic fluid through her mouth and nose; the lungs have begun to develop too.
All the joints and limbs are moving freely and she can sense light although her eyes are still fused.
A routine ultrasound at this stage should help you determine the gender of your baby – girl or boy.

Week 16

Exciting times ahead!
Although your baby is now four and a half inch in length now, in the next few weeks there is going to be a spurt in growth and the length will double.
You will now be experiencing a sense of well – being as the nausea is almost gone and your skin has begun to glow giving it that attractive sheen.
This is the time when you should watch out for unusual weight gain.If you healthcare providers feels you are gaining too much of weight, then go for a walk daily.

Week 17

Your baby is now five inches in length measured from the head to the rump. Her cartilage is being replaced with bone as her skeleton system grows stronger.
Watch your balance as you will now tend to be off – balance at times. Switch to low heeled shoes so that you stay safe at this point of time.

Week 18

The baby is now half an inch longer and active as he moves his hands and legs very actively indeed. The head is more erect and the ears have now moved to a position which will be pretty final.
This is the time to snack as you tend to feel hungrier than usual and select your snacks with care.
Avoid empty calories and opt for healthy food options.

Week 19

One of the most exciting weeks of pregnancy to date considering that now your baby can actually hear you!
Thus this is the best time to read aloud or sing songs as your baby can hear you now. This new development could be attributed to the fact that the brain development has now reached an advanced stage.
Your belly is getting bigger and you may find some amount of discomfort on either side of your stomach which could be due to the stretching of a ligament called the Round Ligament.

Week 20

By this time your baby is working on his digestive system by swallowing more. This helps your baby prepare for his later life once he is out of the womb.
The digestive system is getting active hence a dark coloured semi – solid mix called Meconium collect s in the tract.
The good news is that you are now halfway through your pregnancy.

Week 21

The gentle flutter of moving arms and legs now gets exaggerated.Thus be prepared for a flurry of kicks and nudges from now on.
This is a pleasant time for you as well. The discomfort of earlier days of pregnancy is now history.
Conversely you are still not so unwieldy that you cannot handle yourself.

Week 22

Your baby now looks like a miniature human!
This could be attributed to the fact that the eyebrows, eyelids and lips are now formed. He even has some teeth buds developing under the gums.
This is a crucial period for you and you should visit your doctor and midwife regularly so that they can track and monitor the growth of your baby.

Week 23

She is now getting ready to take on and connect with the outside world.
Thus now your baby is conscious and alert and can pick up outside sounds.Thus if you run the washing machine daily, she will begin to recognize the sound and understand your routine.
On the other hand if you should dance, she will be able to experience the movement so take care!

Week 24

Your baby is now lean and long and has gained some weight since last week. He will begin to fill out in the coming weeks too.
Now is the time for you to go for a glucose check just to make sure that you have not developed diabetes due to pregnancy. The condition is better known as ‘Gestational Diabetes’.

Week 25

The lean look is now changing as your baby begins to put on some baby fat which will stay with him in the coming weeks.
The typically wrinkled skin will now take on a more stretched look and your baby will begin to look far more vibrant than before.
You will also enjoy this period as you will have a fuller head of rich lustrous hair. This could be attributed to pregnancy hormonal secretions.
However the experience is temporary and you will lose that extra hair after delivery.

Week 26

Your baby can now listen and recognize your voice.
He can even listen in on the conversation that you have with your partner. He is also practicing for the outside world as he begins to breathe the amniotic fluid in and out.
Now is the time when you need to take plenty of rest and feed well. You could even opt for yoga or antenatal classes.

Week 27

Now your baby is opening and shutting her eyes at regular intervals. She even has a sleep and wake routine.
You will now begin to really enjoy the experience considering that in addition to regular kicks and nudges she has even begun to hiccup at regular intervals.



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