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Week 28

Your baby has prettier eyes now as she has also developed eyelashes. Her eyesight has begun to develop so she can see light through the womb.
You are now on the final lap of your journey and prepare yourself for your visits to the doctor. You will now visit your doctor far more frequently; the recommended frequency is every two weeks.

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Week 29

The head of your baby is perceptibly larger than the previous week. This could be attributed to the fact that the brain begins to develop and enlarge at this point of time.
It is critically important that the head enlarges so as to make adequate space for the brain to develop.
On the contrary you will need to focus on your diet too considering that the demand for nutrition has just gone up.
Supplement your diet with plenty of iron, folic acid and protein supplements for a safe pregnancy.

Week 30

Your baby is now surrounded by a fluid known as amniotic fluid.
It is indeed fascinating that as the baby grows this fluid content shrinks thus ensuring that there is more space in your uterus for your baby to accommodate herself.
She can only appreciate light but cannot recognize objects or figures.
Conversely you will experience a sense of lethargy and heaviness as the pregnancy advances. At this point of time even your ligaments will be more lax and hence your joints may be unstable.

Week 31

Now your baby can move his head form one side to another.
He is into a growth spurt and will grow rapidly in addition to having healthier arms, legs and body.
This is not surprising considering that there is a significant accumulation of fat per se.
This is the time when you could begin to feel some contraction and relaxation in the muscles of your uterus. These are ‘false’ labour pains and no cause for concern.
However a note of caution: if you experience more than four uterine contractions in an hour get in touch with your doctor.
The logic being that there could be a risk of pre – term labour and your doctor should know.


Week 32

Your baby is growing very rapidly indeed!
Her hair and nails are growing at a rapid pace. The skin begins to glow as it gets more stretched due to the accumulation of fat under the skin.
Now is the time for you to switch to small frequent meals considering that a regular diet will lead to increased feeling of heartburn per se!
This change could be attributed to the fact that as the uterus rises in the abdomen, the stomach touches the lower and of the diaphragm and this invariably leads to shortness of breath in addition to heartburn.

Week 33

The skeleton continues to harden and that typically alien look is being replaced with a more human look. The only exception would be the bones in the skull which are not fused as they need to glide over each other during normal childbirth as they pass through the birth canal.
You will now be in no doubt that you are growing a baby within.
This could be attributed to the fact that you now practically shuffle and waddle as the centre of gravity of your body shifts to the abdominal area.
You will also find it very inconvenient to fall asleep as you will have to do most of your sleeping with your pillows propped up.

Week 34

The good news is that your baby is past the risk of pre – term labour. Even if your baby was to be born at this stage, she will do fine as babies born between 34 to 37 weeks of pregnancy do fine.
Your energy levels will be low and you will find it difficult to sleep at night due to the increased weight around your belly. This is a good time to conserve your energy well in anticipation of the particularly strenuous delivery period ahead.
Take precautions like changing position and getting up from the bed slowly. The logic being that any sudden movement at this time can lead to pooling of blood to the legs and you could feel dizzy for a short spell.


Week 35

Your baby is far more comfortable within your womb now as he stops somersaulting and fits in very snugly.
Your uterus has really increased in size leaving very little space for your internal organs. Thus you will now begin to experience plenty of heartburn and digestive symptoms like altered motions and constipation.

Week 36

Now is the time for your baby to begin losing that down hair and waxy substance that was covering the body.
This waxy substance protected your baby from the side effects of the amniotic fluid over the last nine months.
Your baby is now early term although you will have to wait for another two weeks before your baby can be considered as ‘full term’.
However this is also trying times for you considering that if the baby drops lower in the pelvis now, your doctor will call the process as ‘lightening’ and you will experience a sense of heaviness when you walk and the urge to pass urine will be far more intense.

Week 37

This is crucial time for your baby considering that in the next two weeks the brain and the lungs of your baby will mature completely.
This is the reason that when your doctor plans a C – section she usually schedules it for week 39 and not earlier.
The ‘false’ contractions in your uterus are more frequent, and you may experience a vaginal discharge at this stage. This is not a point of concern and is pretty normal at this stage of pregnancy.

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Week 38

Your baby is now better equipped to take care of herself in the outside world. The grip is strong and firm.
Now the waiting game begins for you and your baby. This is the right time to do all those pending jobs or things that you will be unable to do once your baby is born. Thus you could prepare her nursery and catch up with time well spent with your partner.

Week 39

Your baby is full term this week!
He is waiting to take on the world and there is no more work for him at this point of time. All that he does in this week is add some more fat to his skin so that he can handle temperatures better in the outside world.
Conversely you will be more active now as your visits to your doctor are far more frequent. Your doctor will be conducting abdominal examinations to determine the position, growth and lie of your baby.
She may even conduct an internal examination to determine the status of your cervix.

Week 40

This is a comfortable time for delivery and even if it does not happen now there is no cause for concern.
The logic being that you still have another two weeks before you would be considered as ‘Post Term’.
If you do not deliver now then your doctor may carry out an ultrasound to ensure that your baby is alive and healthy and has adequate amount of amniotic fluid covering it.

Congratulations !!! for having arrived at your destination!


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