10 effective ways to avoid pregnancy naturally

Top 10 Effective Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

Sobriety is the only means to truly avoid pregnancy, but if you’re sexually active it is a must to know all information and all of your options. Though birth control can help prevent pregnancy, it is not possible to you any good if you aren’t receipting it on time or modifying it as needed. And the irony with birth control methods is that even if you took it correctly it can fail. Here in our Motherhood Care blog, we are discussing how to avoid pregnancy naturally and the means you take to ensure that you have the correct birth control method and are using it rightly.

1. Survey Your Contraceptive Options

Many components need to be considered before choosing the most appropriate and suitable contraceptive method. These components must include safety, effectiveness, acceptability, and also availability. There are few non-hormonal and hormonal options to select from. Hormonal methods include the following:

  • Daily combination pills- These pills contain the combination of estrogen and progestin, these two hormones made by synthetic methods, and they are similar to hormones which is made naturally by ovaries.
  • Skin patches-They are to be worn for 21 days and contain estrogen and progestin. They are pulling out for seven days before switching to a new patch.
  • Vaginal rings- It is another hormonal option you can go for. They are also worn for 21 days. They are detach for seven days before being replaced with other.
  • Daily Minipills-Have only progestin hormone.

2. Ensure that You are using Your Birth Control Rightly

Your chance of becoming pregnant is on high with each day you’re not on birth control. Here are fees tips and adviceyou must know to make sure that your birth control is effective:

  • Consume the pill daily at same time- If you mismatch the frequency of taking pill too early and too late, it can lead to disrupt your hormonal balance. This can oblige the pill to be less effective.
  • Avoid missed dose-Missing a pill for a single day can lead to make your birth control method to be less effective and insignificant.
  • Take a forgotten pill right away-If you forgot to take a pill one day, take the pill as early as you remember. If you miss two days, then you either take both pills at once or at different durations of times during the day.
  • Supersede the skin or ring patch on time-If you missed to switch to a new skin or ring patch. You are not shielded against pregnancy.
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3. Follow Your Schedule Properly

Your monthly birth control schedule may not be exactly as the calendar month nor it is possible to have one such schedule. That might make it difficult to remember when to get and switch your contraception on time without any mismatch of frequency, there are a variety of options you could use to be on schedule, including:

  • Auto-refill- Set up automatic refills with your nearby pharmacy so your prescription is prepared when you require it.
  • Auto-delivery- This provides you the option to have your prescription delivered to your door. You can do this via your pharmacy or by using an app.
  • Mobile apps- There are apps that track your period and birth control are also a simple means to let you know when you have to take your pill and when you need a refill.

4. Increase the Effect by Using Barrier Protection

Birth control is highly useful at preventing pregnancy, but it won’t provide you protection against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. That’s why you should enhance up or protect yourself by using barrier protection. Condoms are the safest and only way to prevent Sexually Transmitted diseases, to increase the effect you can include a hormonal birth control that provides you double protection against STI. But you do not use male and female condoms in the same span of time. Male and female condoms are easily available at your local drugstore or health clinic. You can also take advice from your doctor about getting and using condoms.

5. Ensure that You are Using Condoms in a Right Way

Condoms are of no use if you’re not putting them on correctly or if you’re using the wrong size. To use a male condom, you should:

  • Spot the condom on the head of an erect penis. First pull back the foreskin first if the penis is uncircumcised.
  • Ensure that you pinch the air out if the condom tip.
  • Gently and carefully unroll the condom all the way to down side.
  • Never ever reuse a condom and never use two condom at the same time.

For the use of a female condom, the closed-end has a thick ring that spots the condom in place in the vagina. The unbolted end has a thin ring that covers up the vaginal opening. To use a female condom, you should:

  • Get into a comfortable position.
  • Hold the locked end, then gently press the sides of the inner ring altogether with your forefingers and thumbs.
  • Use your finger to push it in as far as possible into the vagina so it gets rests against your cervix.
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6. Keep Track of Your Fertility & Avoid Sex During Ovulation

At the time of ovulation, when the chance of getting pregnant is very high you can simply avoid having sex at those days of the month, There are apps like Glow, that you can use to track your ovulation and menstrual cycle. For this method to be effective you have to give time to really get to know about your body. It is considered as a good complement to other birth control methods.

7. Always have emergency contraception (EC) as an option with you

As there is no 100% assurance of contraceptives to be effective, sometimes even contraceptives fail, but you still available with options. Emergency contraception can help prevent pregnancy if your birth control method didn’t work or in case you had unprotected sex. There are two types of emergency contraception available in market:

  • Hormonal EC pills- You can take hormonal EC within five days after sex or right away, But it’s efficacy is more when it is taken within 72 hours. These Hormonal EC pills can be easily available at your local pharmacy, you can purchase it from there. Or if you want to be insured, get a prescription for free of cost because it is considered to be preventive care. For future emergency you can also have one or two EC pills on hand just in case you may need it for safety.
  • Emergency IUD contraception-IUD is a small device that doctors or trained nurses placed in your uterus to block or interrupt the process of insemination. IUD is very popular around the world and it is considered to be the most effective form of birth control. As with the case of EC pills, the emergency IUD is also of low-cost with the most secure insurance plane.

8. Take into consideration the long-term birth control options

Long-term methods such as IUDs is considered to be the more reliable and effortless option to be available. Copper T IUDs are very effective that they’re frequently used as emergency contraception. IUD basically is a kind of T-shaped stick placed in your uterus. The main purpose of IUD is to prevent sperm from entering your uterus by increasing the thickness of your cervical mucus.

There are five different variety of IUD available in market:

  • Mirena, a hormonal IUD having an assurance of up to five years of use.
  • ParaGrad is a non-hormonal copper IUD, and its efficacy is up to 10 years.
  • Skylar, the effectiveness of three years, a smaller kind of hormonal IUD.
  • Kyleena, it is quite recent and a new one available in the market, and effective for five years.
  • Liletta, a hormonal IUD, productive up to three years.
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9. Contemplate something permanent

Are you looking for a permanent option to avoid getting pregnant then you need to discuss it with your doctor about sterilization which is long-term protection? In sterilization, women, fallopian tubes are blocked so the eggs can’t reach the uterus. In men, sperm is prevented from being discharged during ejaculation. However, sterilization does not protect you against sexually transmitted infections, sometimes even after sterilization pregnancy can occur, mostly in such case there are chances of ectopic pregnancy, this is happening because sometimes the sterilization procedure may not work in a right way, so to be safe have also been ready with backup options.

10. Home Remedies

If you are pregnant, talk and take advice with your doctor about your option of going forward with, such as family planning, abortion, etc. You can also prefer home remedies to avoid pregnancy that we will discuss in another blog. For more details, you can find it in our Motherhood care website.

When Did You need to Do a Pregnancy Test?

Failure of contraception can happen to anyone. There are many reasons for contraception failure, sometimes, a condom may break, or sometimes you may have forgotten to take pills for a few days. If you have a doubt that you may be pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test at home to find out and clear your confusion to prevent pregnancy using the pregnancy test kit. Most doctors recommend doing a pregnancy test after the first day of your missed periods. Also, there are many women who don’t have regular periods, for the doctor’s advice to take a test at least three weeks after contraceptives failure. These home tests aren’t always reliable, so confirm your results with your doctor. Never ignore the Symptoms of pregnancy, you should keep yourself healthy and safe in every way.

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