Baby Birth During Bombing in Syria

For a mother ,it’s been really awkward to give birth to her baby during bombing in Syria.No mother would ever want to give birth to her baby in the middle of the ammunition.Syrian women have never thought this, that they will deliver her baby during bombing.

It’s really shameful moment for all of us as we have not taken any step towards baby birth.No body is even thinking about it to save the women who are the victim of such incidents in syria.

Now all the Paris resolution has been expired.Global Warming word blown away in the air.It might be possible for involved countries,not suffering from any problem.Please do care of pregnant women.Organise our life .Please settles us down.-Victim pregnant woman


Syrian pregnant women are helpless and subject to deliver her baby any where.There are non availability of food ,hospital facility,hygiene and helpers.This situation might cause danger for both mother and new born.No immunization facility for baby.Refugee women are dying for their basic needs.Today, it is very common in syria  to give birth to a child on the road evacuated or abandoned houses.

Father is protecting his babies during bombing in Syria

In the battle of two countries, ignoring innocent mother and children is against humanity.This is the abolition of their fundamental rights.We can not stop you from fighting the mighty nations. Can you do something that can save the mother and the future of this world ?

This is a humble request from all the Syrian families.Please let us live our life-Syrian mother said.




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