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Guidelines for Parental Supervision to Apply Internet Safety for Kids

Guidelines for Parental Supervision to Apply Internet Safety for Kids

The Internet is wonderful for the kids who use it often to make their school reports, communicating with teachers, playing games, and much more. But online access comes with risks, online predators, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, etc. Parents must be aware of what their kids are watching & listening over the internet.Kids takes lots of interest while browsing internet. You should talk with them & use some protection tools for the internet safety of kids. Here in our blog, we are sharing tips on how to protect my child privacy on the internet.

What is Internet Safety For Kids?

COPPA i.e. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is a federal law that helps in protecting kids who are younger than 13 years when they are online. It helps to get the personal information of the child without a parent knowing & agreeing on it first. The websites are asked to demonstrate their privacy rules and policies and get the consent of parents before collecting the kid’s information.

How The Online Protection Tool May Help in Internet Safety for Elementary Students?

Online protection tools help in controlling the access of your child to adult data. It protects them from online internet predators. You can also get some software that directly blocks access to adult websites or inappropriate content. There are other programs available that can monitor and track the online activity of your children. It is important to teach your kids to be responsible for their online behavior instead of blocking objectionable data. Quostodio, Open DNS Family Shield, Kidlogger, Spyrix Free Keylogger, Kaspersky software are such online protection tools that can help you with what you are looking for.

Guidelines For Parental Supervision That You Can Share With Your Kids

  • Never post personal pictures
  • Don’t reveal your personal information like address, location, phone number or your identity card,
  • Follow the rules provided by the internet service provider,
  • Don’t respond to threatening emails or messages or posts.

There are also guidelines for parental supervision that are as follows:-

It is advised to spend the time with your child so that you can teach online behavior to them. Place your computer in a common area so that you can watch the monitor. For easy access to favorite websites bookmark them. If you suspect unfamiliar account charges then check your phone bills and credit card. If you are aware of the use of child pornography online then you can contact your law enforcement agency anytime.

Easy Steps to Apply Internet Safety for Kids

  • Teach Your Kids to Understand the Online Privacy Concept
  • Make them read & understand the privacy policies together,
  • Get to know the settings,
  • Never share your location to anyone,
  • Make use of Parental controls whenever required

However, the best way to maintain internet safety for kids online is by teaching them to understand themselves. There are many web browsers that allow parents to monitor their children activities online. Multiple third-party applications are also available in the market to do the same.


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