Hot celebrity Dads With Their Cute Babies

Hey! It is nice to talk about loving and dedicated hot celebrity dads and their cute babies.These three hot celebrity dads looks hot and do very care of their cute babies.It’s awesome to read about these hot celebrity papas and their nona babies? Okay, here are few  hot celebrity dads who are eye candy for us.These high-profile working dads are also dedicated  to their children. We can say them love-able—and hot dads!

David Beckham 

David Beckham is the cutest dad ever .He Is the best father for Brooklyn,Cruz,Harper and Romeo.Prior to this he is one heck of a model,a ex English soccer player’s.


David Beckham married his former Spice Girl wife, Victoria, in 1999, and became the father of four beautiful children.He always arrange pancake parties for his kids.He plays soccer with them.Capturing sweet moment with them is a great job.


When it comes about caring ,he is the best dad;Says his children.

Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zukerberg ,a billionaire,is a young father who made us stay connected through social networking.Max made me a courageous.She taught me lots of things.She is now 15 month older,and keep teaching  me.I and Priscilla want to raise her a strong woman.We enjoy each-other’s bonding.He is one of the most rated hot celebrity dad.


Mark is ready to have another baby girl and very happy for her daughter max.As she is going to have the company of her sibling.Mark is brought up with his sibling.So he knows about the sibling love.

His statement how caring father he is.He is planning for max from very initial level.He is again ready for nappy changing.


Harry William

Harry William a prince,an army officer is father of two cute kid George and Charlotte.He is very hot celebrity dad ,who takes a lots of care of his both the kids.Prince harry and and Catherine are very clear about their parenting style.



They do not want to focus on traditional parenting style. “Catherine and I are clear that we want both George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings,”-Prince Harry William said.


Harry has been gone through the emotional trauma in his life after the death of her mother Diana.So he not want to make his kids introvert.

These three hot celebrity dads are from difeferent world.


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