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How Much Water Does A Pregnant Woman Drink?

Drinking water is really important when you are pregnant. According to the Institute of Medicine, a pregnant woman needs to take ten 8-ounce glass of water per day. When you are feeding your baby then it should be increased to thirteen 8 ounce glasses per day. When you are pregnant, your body needs extra fluids that produce extra blood and amniotic fluid. Here in our blog, we are discussing some facts that you must be aware of about drinking water during pregnancy.

Why it is Important to Drink Water?

In order to keep your internal systems running well, you need a good intake of water which ultimately helps your body to remove the waste. The wastage present in the kidney gets dissolved in the water and is flushed by the urine. Due to which the chances of kidney infections, urinary tract, and bladder infections can be avoided.

The Need for Water in Each Trimester

The need for water changes from trimester to trimester-

First Trimester- During the first trimester, you need to monitor the intake of water to make sure that you are not losing more than you are ingesting. You can add salt to your diet which helps in sending a message in the brain to hold water in order to maintain fluid balance. You can also nibble salty crackers if you don’t want to overdo the salt intake.

Second Trimester- According to the ACOG i.e. American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists recommends that women increase their calorie intake during the second trimester by extra 340 calories per day. So, for each calorie consumed, you need to add 1- 1.5 mL of water, i.e. another 340mL of water in your diet.

Third Trimester- During this period, again your calorie intake increases to about 450 above the normal daily recommendation.

How to Remain Hydrated During Pregnancy?

To reach the daily dose of water, you need some tips to remain hydrated that are as follows:-

Add Flavor- Add flavor to your water with cucumber, lemon, mint, or berries.

Use a Bottle on Hand- It is quite easier to track the intake of your water when you keep your bottle on hand. When you take a sip to make sure you take two.

Eat Seasonally- Most of your fluid intakes come naturally from the foods, so eat foods that contain high water content in it. You can whip the soup in the winters. And in summer you can opt for pineapple, melon, watermelon, and other juicy fruits.

Take a Glass of Water in the Morning- Drinking water is the first thing that you should do when you wake up in the morning. This is a good habit to start your day with.

Make a Smoothie- If you are looking for nutritional intake then smoothies can be a great way to keep yourself hydrated. The best you can enjoy them is in moderation, beware of fruit smoothies as it may contain a pack of sugar in it.

Use Herbal Teas- Have a jug of your favorite tea.

Eighty ounces may seem a lot of water to you but you need to drink as it is beneficial for you and your fetus. To keep you baby healthy you need to keep yourself hydrated throughout the pregnancy.


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