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How To Talk About Racism To Your Kids

Growing kids always ask to their parents about the current topic as they see, and listen the discussion everyday in their society. it’s the parent’s responsibility to explore How to talk about racism to your kid and get them the right answer for what they pondering around.

How We Should Discuss Racism meaning With Our Children?

No doubt, it’s hard to discuss racism and racism meaning with your children. Many parents are worried about exposing their kids to issues like discrimination & racism. However, others shy about discussing or don’t feel comfortable. There are few who have experienced and don’t have choices. The conversation regarding discrimination & racism could be different to each family but it can be discuss with your children depending upon the community in which you live. Here in our blog lets learn what to do & when to discuss racism with your children.

From Where Do I Start The Discussion of Racism?

First, you need to educate yourself about race & racism. If the parents lack knowledge or feel uncomfortable then they might avoid it that is why parents need to read a few articles or books or may watch documentaries or videos about race & racism· Tell them about stereotypes & make them understand that not all people in the group are same.

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At What Age I Should Discuss About Racism to My Children

  • Parents should begin taking about racism from the early,
  • Usually, children are aware of race & racism whether their parents talk about it or not.
  • When there is silence about race & they can’t talk about it then it may reinforce it later on.
  • You can keep in mind the developmental level of your kids. Initially, you can ask questions to understand what they are thinking and what they feel and how much they are aware of all this.
  • You can then follow the lead and if they ask the follow-up questions it means that they are ready for more information.
  • If your child is mature then you can give more complex information, and make sure that your conversation must be ongoing instead of a one-time.
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When is The Right Time to Discuss Racism?

  • The very first thing to talk about racism is to clear doubts about the race itself. Let the kids understand that there is nothing wrong with the physical differences & characteristics but tell them not to make negative judgments regarding those differences.
  • You should talk about the positive aspects of being similar or different in the group.
  • Tell them about stereotypes & make them understand that not all people in the group are the same.
  • You should talk about institutional or historical racism or ongoing struggle for social justice. It is good to tell them about racism definition with racism synonym examples that can make them understand why certain statements are hurtful and why that situation occurred.
  • Make them understand that peoples are treated unfairly many times because of the colour of their skin. It can help them maintain these inequalities and you can have deeper discussions about it.
  • Make use of tools to engage your children in the conversation. Books are great in explaining this to them.
  • Discuss how they can make a change. Discuss topics that could help them in understanding the experience or feelings of others who are different.

What Should You Do ?

You can set an example for them for that you must clear racism definition and attend diverse community events and media such as shows, movies, etc in your home. You can highlight the heroes who belong to different races. Pay attention to what is trending online and what kids are exposed to and check if your child talks to other adults about race and have an open discussion if he does then it’s good.


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