Since times immemorial, there have been few things more exciting than the birth of a baby. What makes it all the more exciting is the fact that recent advances in technology have now ensured that the experience is far safer in contemporary times.

                   Types of Delivery

Although most deliveries are vaginal, it is a distinct possibility that in some cases a different type of delivery may occur.

This could be attributed to the fact that there are emergency situations where in a particular type of delivery is preferred over others.

Different types of delivery may include:

# 1 Normal Delivery

As the name suggests, vaginal delivery is also referred to as a normal delivery and occurs through the birth canal.

The process is simple, at the time of delivery the cervix dilates and opens up and then allows the developing baby to be delivered through the opening.

Statistics indicate the normal vaginal delivery is arguably the safest form of childbirth.

Some of the commoner variants of normal delivery may well include:

# 1 Water Birthing

This is a relatively common method of normal delivery in the West and is fast emerging as a major challenge to C – Sections in Asia

Water Birthing

The process is simple; the expectant woman lies in a tub of hot water. This invariably results in the baby being born while the expectant mother is in the bath tub.

This result in the baby being born in water instead of on the operating table the process has benefits.

The process is less traumatic for both the mother as well as the child.

The logic being that the baby has just spent the last nine months in a liquid called the amniotic fluid. Thus it is not surprising that the preferred option is contemporary times is to opt for water birthing in a tub of warm water.

# 2 Forceps Delivery

Forceps Delivery


This is a variant of the more popular vaginal delivery, the notable exception being that pair of giant spoon shaped instruments is used to cup the head of the baby and then gradually pull out the baby through the birth canal.

# 3 Vacuum Delivery

Vacuum Delivery

This is yet another variant of normal delivery, wherein a plastic cup is carefully affixed to the head of the baby using vacuum and is then gradually guided through the birth canal.

#4 C – Section

Caesarean Section or C – Section, as it is better known, is a relatively safe and convenient option and is invariably adopted due to certain medical conditions:

4 C – Section

  • Your Baby does not present with a head down position
  • Baby is in distress
  • Your baby is large for size and cannot pass through the pelvis at this point of time.

The preferred Option

Making the right choice can be a challenge if you have not been checking out the different delivery options.

The preferred option is to opt for normal delivery and reach out for those obstetrics forceps if the baby is in distress or larger than the recommended dimensions.



Thus it could well be concluded that regardless of the cause, the preferred and safest option is to opt for vaginal delivery.

If you are looking for a more specific solution, then opt for delivery in a tub of warm water as it is relatively safe and convenient.

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The logic is fascinating, as you continue to stay immersed in a bath tub; the floor of pelvic area becomes soft and flexible, thus ensuring that no artificial incision like episiotomy is required.

Finally when the context is ways to deliver a baby, rest assured that there are umpteen methods; although there are none as safe as vaginal delivery in a tub of warm water.

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